International Call for Artworks

International Composition Competition for Electronic & Electroacoustic Masters Vol. 1

Sound Silence Thought officially declares its first international call for artworks in the realm of electronic and electroacoustic music. Selected works will be mastered by a professional audio engineer and will be distributed digitally worldwide through different music platforms. We accept submissions for electronic and electroacoustic music with the following criteria:

  • The piece should be written originally by the applicant. If any sampled recording, texts, music from others has been used in the piece, it should be clearly stated in an attached letter with the submission. If the text that is set to music is not non-public domain material, the right of use must be available in the letter as well.
  • Duration: 8 minutes or less
  • Maximum of 2 submissions per composer

Please send the following items to [email protected]

  • Wav. file
  • Bio
  • Title of each submission
  • Program note for each submission
  • B&W photo
  • Statement letter regarding the originality of the piece

No application fee

Deadline: Sep. 10th, 2020