A World from a Distance

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The composer’s statement:

Technology is the primary link between the pieces in this collection. I use technology to generate sounds or manipulate them. The acoustic sections of this collection have, like the electronically generated sounds, been created through technology by using VST samples, and, in some parts, sound processing has modified its quality (as in track No. 4, Dots). Working with tech for many years has led me to approach my compositional process in new ways. While composing, I balance the connections I’ve formed between my musical habits and the technological tools available to me. This balanced interaction is what differs between my approaches to acoustic and electronic composition.

In this collection, I confront the entire field of sound and time with differing notions of distance and coordination, two of the embedded characters of electronic music. During my compositional process, I navigate textures, rhythmic frames, and embedded sounds within varying virtual acousmatic distances. From this vast array of options in creating sound structures, I’ve, ironically, come to kinds of repetition as structures within my electronic work. I approach many of these pieces as various fractions of sound and time that are all moving inward to a nucleus. My movement between differing layers of superimposed multi-tracks intensifies their convergence toward this nucleus. Its gravity pulls listeners in many directions, creating shifting aural relations. Each time I listen to these pieces my aural perception shifts and warps differently towards each piece’s multi-dimensional nucleus. At times I find myself being pulled with these sounds toward the nucleus. Other times I find myself within the nucleus as sounds rush towards me from many angles. At any rate, it is not a left-right listening experience for me. Rather, it is a nucleocentric listening experience. This way of listening greatly informs my compositional process for this series of electronic pieces.   


1. ‘ “Previously life was depreciated from the height of the higher values [. . .] Here, on the contrary, only life remains, but it is still a depreciated life which now continues in a world without values, stripped of meaning and purpose, sliding ever further towards its nothingness.” Deleuze, Gilles. Nietzsche and Philosophy. Columbia University Press, New York, 1983.’ 
2. A World from a Distance
3. Por
4. Dots
5. <=1
6. a A
7. Recursive Dots

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